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Awesome that you have found the way to our blog. We are very happy about your visit.

Our blog is divided into two main parts: abstract art and short stories.

We are a couple that likes to be creative in different directions and we’d love to connect those things and walk this path together.

The way of everyday reality for us is very peculiar and stony. One of the moments, when only love carries you. For us, these moments seem to last forever.
You’ll probably find this pain in the published pictures and texts, too.
Hopefully, you will also discover strength and hope. Our will. We love to share our results with you!

We would feel blessed to find out what you see in „our everything“ and how the pieces and stories are working for you and in your mind. Please leave a comment or write an e-mail. We sincerely appreciate your feedback! If you like what we do, please subscribe!

Imagine you meet the love of your life, a dream that comes true.
The universe or whatever god you praise gives you everything you ever wanted but there’s an “almost”. Now, right now, you cannot be together. The easiest things to experience together are denied to you, indefinitely. Yet, the love you feel could not be greater. Every day you convince yourself that it could not grow bigger – it can and is going to.

“You can not have it all” you hear people say. There are, however, things in life that are so real that you must have the whole thing. It has nothing to do with frugality, to be satisfied with just a “small piece” of heaven.
You do not want just this “today” you want “for all eternity”. This has never happened to you before.

What if the journey is infinitely difficult for you?  You just have to step forward. Nobody can take the burden off your shoulders. Even if many of your loved ones, are ready to walk a few steps with you.
Would your motivation leave you, change your feelings?

You would turn over every stone. Change your life to fit the situation.
Wake up in the morning and go to sleep in the evening, without your person.
Live for the ridiculously tiny moments that you get together. With that thought in your mind “It will not be like this forever.”
Embrace yourself that hope carries you, at this time.
Try not to look with the heart and through the glasses of hope, only.
To be realistic, even if it hurts. The miracle will not happen by tomorrow. Like a sudden rain after a long dry period. Not without pain, suffering and these endless nights. Nevertheless, it will happen, just because it has to.
Our miracle: You and I. Our forever. It’s going to happen. It has to.


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