Pause! — Blog ’n‘ Stories

Today is the day, the day priorities will be set.
Not because I have to, but because I can.

Today is the day I say “THANK YOU” to those who have persecuted, criticized, loved and commented on my stories and poetry.

Thank you, dear readers who came here for this very reason: to read.
Thank you,  to my very best friends who have regularly supported me with their corrections, that helped me to improve.
Thank you, to all the lovely people who came here for me as a person: my family, friends, and colleagues.
Everyone who came here because they like me. Thank you!

There are two very big challenges coming up, and they need a lot of attention. will be our platform today and in the future.
A place for painted and written art, from us, for you.
Furthermore, we will keep presenting new art-works on a regular basis.
As soon as our big projects reached a certain point, their “form”, new “blog ’n‘ stories will surely follow as well.
Remember, you can still find us on Instagram: @jj_buettner

For right now, there are just a few things left to say:
We move on, and it would be just wonderful if YOU would move with us.

See you soon on,

Your Jenny