„Why are they all afraid of me, when misfortune happens during their working hours just as much, if not more?“ The night asked the day while they sat on a cloud for a sunrise.
„That’s just your own impression. How many times do we have to discuss this subject? “
The day replied annoyed and shifted in his seat. He had to get to work soon, the night knew that. However, in their infinite relationship, the day was more than aware: the night would not rest until the topic was discussed again.
That’s why he said quietly, with a smile on his face:
„Why do you not just get it out my darling, tell it from your soul.“

The night said, without hesitation:
„It’s especially the people who are afraid of me. I bring them so much good: wonderful sleep, rest, plants that grow and feed them. I also offer protection to them, in my darkness. Yet, they only see the danger that evil people have created. That’s so frustrating!
I could be upset about that for centuries. “

„That’s exactly what you are my love, you have been doing that for centuries and what has it brought us?“ The day asked and stroked the night gently over her shoulder, on which her black hair fell down in light waves.
„I know, I know. These people. They are all the same. It’s not worth to get off on that.
You have to go, my love, „she finished the conversation for now and kissed the day very gently. As her lips parted, the sun came up in the sky. The day had started for work.

The day passed and after their next farewell, the sunset, the time of work for the night had come. It was dark, surrounding everything, wrapped in a beautiful black coat. Black was exactly her style. The night smiled, pleased with her work. Suddenly the thoughts came back, those who said that no one liked her, everybody was just scared of her and she became sad.

„Good night, Luke“,
„Good night mom. I love you, „said the little one, who was well covered by his mother before she kissed his forehead and cheeks.
„Sweet dreams, baby“

The night was happy. She wanted to remember such scenes when she felt unloved: the good night kiss. Smiling, she made her way to the cloud to tell the day of her night and kiss him until sunrise because it’s the kisses that really count.

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