Can you see him, this happy man?
Life surely did him well, achieved everything he ever dreamed of.
That’s what you think because you only see the obvious.

This person at the top, the big superstar,
you would be envious, if that was not so terribly ugly.
That’s what you believe, not knowing any better, yet.

Take a few steps closer to the picture that society created of him.
Look closely, pay attention to details, to facets.
Move closer to him, the man who has no worries, because which problem should there be?
You’re convinced, it cannot be that bad because you aren’t able to feel it.

Carefully, reach for his hand, the golden man’s hand,
the star, do you feel how cold it is?
He smiles, trying everything to just keep that image for you, for all of us.
There are always reasons. They are endless, the benefits of others, those who have expectations.

His hand stays cold and even if he reciprocates your affection, the smile enchanting yet does not make its way up to his eyes.
Do you see him, this happy man?
One, without worries.
One, who’s got it all.
You really think so?

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