It is liberating, forgiveness.
Who is able to forgive is great.
It makes us strong, able to stand up with our chin high.
As children, we learn that forgiveness is good.
Nobody wants to be resentful.
Apologize and you will be forgiven.

But what if not?
The acceptance of our apology denied,
the damage is too big, the pain too deep.

Where is the mediator, our impartial helper,
Mom, dad or big sister, who say
„Look, he did not mean to hurt you“?

What will happen if forgiveness does not make us free?
Will those, who have not been forgiven, be prisoners forever?
So often, we are unforgiving against ourselves.
Do not let go, refuse to accept the mistakes made by us.

We act like we are our own enemy, least helpful
Counselor, and for sure so happy, to be bathing in our guilt.
All this pain, we gained on our own.

Couldn’t we just be our own friend, and if not,
at least a fair consultant?
A brother, a sister.
Just for a second, someone that loves us with all their heart.

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