Truth and promise

„Promise we’ll be friends forever,“ Larissa said with a big grin that day at the lake. I remember that moment so well because it was something special. The day was one of the most beautiful in this summer.
Why should you ruin that day with a promise, I thought back then.
Today I know why the promise seemed unnecessary to me.
All those years later Larissa and I are at the airport. On the way to our world trip. Just as we already dreamed of when we were little girls.

„Promise me that you will never stop loving me,“ I heard my brother’s girlfriend whisper. They were just about to go out on this warm summer’s evening. I sat next to my window and overheard the conversation by chance.
„Promise it already,“ she said.
„I promise,“ he grumbled back.
This relationship with my brother, ended as I expected: in ruins.
Our home became a battlefield. The love, the promised never-ending, was no more.
The world says, „Be careful what you promise because you have to keep promises.“

Yes, you have to.
Count on it!
Lies don’t travel far!

I say, „What is true does not have to be promised.“

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