Your turn

Strategically clever or just a gut feeling?
What does your next move look like? Is your effort may be too high or is it, not big enough?

Surrounded by enemies. The way out is almost impossible.
An easy game. The game of others. You had
no desire to play from the beginning.

The sweat runs down your forehead. Your poker face,
much more like an open book in the game-plan of your opponents.
A risk that cannot be avoided. The biggest risk is you.

Your throat so dry, your heart beating wildly.
Is the game worth this pain?
After all, it’s just a game. Right?

You assume this turn could be your last.
After it’s done, you look at the faces of
your enemies. These masks that tell you nothing.

The game continues. How are you doing?
Are you a true winner or the loser of the day?
Will they say: „he never could lose well“,
once your life is ruined?

You swear to never play again.
No longer to bet your life,
You promise yourself to banish risks forever.

No risk, no fun.
You have the choice, you can play or
not. But if you do, play your game yourself,
be the master of your turns,
be the maker of your own game.
You better not let it happen to be the one
that gets played, instead of being a player.

It’s your turn. Move!

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