„You have to be strong,“ many say. „I’ll show you how“ is a rarity.
„Get up when you’re down,“ the slogan of those who stand.
„Here, take my hand. Next time you can do it alone, „is rare.

You are not born strong, you are loved to get there.
You become strong when you know that home will always be home.
No matter what happens.

Strong is the one who has strong role models.
They get up when they fall and are back on their way.
Strong is the one, able to show weakness.

To be strong means not to avoid conflicts.
Not ignoring them, as uncomfortable as they come.
To be strong means to be the one who expresses the unpleasantness.

To know, you are loved. By the people who are the ones for you.
That feeling that not everyone has to be your friend. Not even should be.
The certainty that rain is followed by sunshine.
Trust in what you can do.

Strong is the one who can fight if that’s necessary.
Stronger is he who knows what to fight for.
The strongest is the one, who knows when to avoid a fight.

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