Nothing to give away?

„We all have nothing to give away, Micha,“ his father’s voice rang in his ears.
Micha often wondered if that was true. He often did that after his father’s death. That he had never questioned him, in these statements while he was healthy, which he now regretted almost daily. They had never had a close relationship, and both had made their peace with it.
However, some of his father’s statements sustained him. The answers were now lost.

The subway he had been waiting for nearly ten minutes came to a stop in front of him. Since Micha was not one of the drainers that blocked the doors before the other passengers got out, he waited a few seconds for them to leave the platform. He walked onto the train while rummaging in his jacket pocket for his headphones. Panic spread through him when he did not find them. A 20-minute subway ride without music? This literally, was one of his personal nightmares. The headphones could not be found, and Micha stared stubbornly out of the window. There was not much to see there.

He had not noticed that an elderly lady had sat down next to him.
When he turned to her, she smiled warmly. But said nothing.
Micha smiled back, hesitantly. He felt fake. Simply like he tried too hard.
Shortly after, he looked out the window again and did not notice how time passed.
His stop was almost coming up when he noticed that the older lady had disappeared. He had not even noticed that she had gotten up. There was an envelope in her seat.
She must have forgotten it!
Micha immediately reached for it, jumped up and looked around. He ran from compartment to compartment. She disappeared. The doors opened, the train had reached its terminus and reached Micha’s exit.
He packed the envelope in his pocket, hoping to see the lady on the way home.

It was Saturday, the 23.12, Micha stood in his small kitchen and thought about what else he should pack. He had a date with his best friends for skiing and would be off to a rented cabin tonight. Fantastic Christmas. He could not imagine it any better. As he searched for his papers, the envelope of the lady from the subway fell into his hand. He had never seen her since that day. ‚Should he open it?‘ Micha decided he had waited long enough and carefully opened the envelope.

The card showed a shooting star. With a smile on his face he read:

Dear Micha,
we all nothing to give away. Forget this nonsense! We all have something to give away. Even a complainer like me had gotten an unbelievably, great gift:
My son, you were my greatest gift, and still are.
Merry Christmas.
Your Dad

So, what do you have to give away?

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