Nobody’s- land

An error in the title? No. Absolutely not. While the more or less well known „Never Land“ distinguishes itself by being a fantasy place, „Nobody’s- Land“ is characterized by the following:
It’s a land of characters, each one an individual „nobody.“ One thing I would like to clarify in advance! The term „nobody“ is by no means as negative as it sounds. Behind the „nobody“ next door, hopefully, hides a kind, good-hearted person. At least I hope so. From this point of view, let every „nobody“ enjoy the best of their world. He should be save from all the bad always. Amen.

This very „nobody“ sometimes has a certain quality that I do not appreciate, yes, I hate it: he interferes. In my life.
Without any signals on my part, which could mean „I am interested in your opinion“, this person still pushes it right into my face.
Like a damp, musty washcloth. Smelly! Ugh!
Examples! Examples, for the blog:

The „Mr. Nobody” from next door
„Good morning, Mr. Nobody next door,“ I say kindly.
„Good morning, well, do you have your car back in the shop? Again? „He asks as if a“ good morning „was not enough.
„Yeah right! „Again“ is not true. The last time was just for inspection. Goodbye, have a nice day, „I tell him.
„Oh, okay, so you know what I think? I think that … „he continues the conversation.
Exactly here. Now, at this moment I want to yell:
„STOP! I do not care. No matter what you think “
Am I doing it, yelling at Mr. Nobody? Of course not. Either I try to ignore him “ and let him ramble or I say goodbye extremely friendly. Again.
I have no problem with “Mr. Nobody” from next door. It irritates me, however, that he believes his views on my business would not be trivial to me. They are.

Mrs. Nobody, who is really nice “(almost)-friend” of the family
„Mrs. Nobody was very interested and asked me which accountant you go to. She said it might be better if you found another one, „my mother says, as she dries up plates, apparently lost in thought.
„Yes? Why? „I ask. „Yes, well, she says she was just not happy with that tax office,“ my mother replies as if this was reasoning enough.
„I do not care about her opinion. I have been very happy with them all these years. “
„Don’t always be like that. People only want to help and you react dismissively! „My mother blames me.
„Mom, I’m not discussing that again. I don’t care. I don’t even know Mrs. Nobody “
This concludes the conversation about Mrs. Nobody, or her opinion on my choices. For my taste, it already took way too long.

To everyone in nobody’s-land:

Dear Mr. Nobody,
Dear Mrs. Nobody,
I ask you, with all my respect, to take care of your own affairs and leave me out of them, in the near future. There are two exceptions to this rule:

You are asked to warn me of any impending catastrophe, of unimaginable extent.

I asked you, directly, for your opinion.

I understand that there is a difficulty for you here, as far as this approach is concerned.
Believe me, I know you only mean well.
That’s absolutely fine for me. It’s just, I don’t care.
I am also aware that perhaps you could succumb to the mistaken belief that in my universe, you are not a „nobody“ but a „somebody“.
Trust me on this point too, if you were a „somebody“ then you would know.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and speedy implementation.
I wish you all the best!
If you are ever in an emergency, do not hesitate to ask for my help.
Although I do not care much about the idea of „Every vote counts,“ in relation to my own life, I am still a helpful and social fellow citizen.
At least that’s what I’m working on. Every day.

Yours sincerely,

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