Hendrik rubbed his eyes in amazement. He looked up into a night sky full of stars.
A few shooting stars were seen here and there. He looked around and realized that this was probably a dream. Was it?
He sat on a bench in a park he had never been to before.
There was no sound except for the chirping of the crickets. Slowly Hendrik let his gaze glide over the field in front of him. A beautiful being slowly moved towards him.
An angel? She waved him with a smile. „Bunny!“ He shouted and jumped off the park bench.

„Hendrik,“ she said, spreading her arms when she was only a few feet away from him. „I missed you. You have not been here, in our place, for long. “
He embraced her and inhaled her scent. Although the fields were in full bloom, Bunny smelled like cinnamon sticks. Hendrik’s favorite smell.
„Come, let’s sit down,“ he said, pointing to the park bench with his hand. So, they sat there and looked up at the starts together. Slowly Bunny reached for his hand. He did not dare look at her. He was too afraid, the dream would burst like a soap bubble if he did. He already had too many of those dreams.
He wanted it to last as long as possible.

„Are you ready to talk about this?“ Bunny asked, squeezing his hand harder.
„What do you mean, talk about what?“ Hendrik returned honestly surprised.
He looked at her questioningly.
„Well, obviously you are afraid to lose me“
„I think I have already lost you, didn’t I?“
„We are together now, Hendrik. Answer the question yourself “
When words were no longer enough, just in that second, Hendrik leaned towards her, put both hands gently on Bunny’s face and kissed her softly. The moment did not fly by, it became more and more intense until their lips slowly separated, and they looked deep into each other’s eyes.
Bunny’s eyes shone, and Hendrik thought how clichéd that description was. Enchanted, he looked at her, admiring her beauty, without words, until she broke the silence:
„I wish it could always be like this, Hendrik. Every day“,
she said quietly, while looking up at the sky. Her eyes followed a falling star that burned its way across the night sky.

A loud knock woke Hendrik up. His soap bubble burst.
„Hey, hey boy! Shouldn’t you be on your way home? „asked a man, whom he recognized as the janitor of the clinic. He looked at him through the passenger window of Hendrik’s car.
„You shouldn’t sleep in your car. Go home“ he added.
Hendrik looked at him with a frown: „Yes, yes, I’m already gone. I promise I’ll drive home“, he replied, still surprised. With a grunt, the guy went on his way but turned back to Hendrik with a smile while shaking his head.

Hendrik’s first glance fell on his smartphone. There were many unanswered messages and he did not want to answer them anytime soon.
He wanted to open the window and throw the phone into the parking lot as far as it was possible. When he started his car, about to put his phone in the holder, he saw something that shook him deeply.

Today’s date: 13.11.2017, 8:46 p.m.

Was it a dream or a trauma?


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