The world is full of stories,
beautiful stories,
sad stories,
stories that are not worth telling.

Do you ever ask yourself, in which of them
you are the enemy?
The bad one, for whom everything was done,
but has never been thankful.

Your behavior, nothing but bold,
there was no way to get over that with you,
while you had all the chances,

Are you hip to it, your story?
Have you been conscious of, you being the main character?

Imagine that your story is being told,
people talk, they shake their heads:
“Unbelievable!”, is what they say.
Do you know what it is about, your story?
Who was the director?

When told by you, does it sound different?
You are not the enemy, but who is it?

The script, the plot, not even alike.
The direction, done by someone else: You.
You are not the main character here, for sure.
Obviously, you are not the enemy but, are you the victim?

Your truth, their truth.
Well, which one is true?
There are countless stories.
Bad ones.
In at least one you are the enemy.
Whether you wanted to be a part of the cast or not.

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