Your smile

You were holding my hand as we walked down the street.
I looked up to you.
With a smile, you took me into your arms.
Never had your gaze at me been without that smile.

Not just right now, I saw the world how you did,
you showed it to me many times.
Countless hours went by as I listened to the sound of your comforting voice.

Listened to stories, full of fantasy and those, that were real, not only for us.
You’ve not always been a hero, but always mine.
You had to go through many nightmares, bearing pain,
forced to go ways, humans should not even have to lay eyes on.

You had to be brave because it was the only thing that was left.
Far from perfection, you knew, you were stronger than it seemed.
Far away from home, the thought of it, was all you had, for this moment.
Face to face with death, so often, enough for the lives of future generations.

You were one in a million, but you were always mine.
It was you, who taught me,
that love doesn’t have limits,
we’re stronger than we seem,
it’s always worth the fight.

Your bravery is what pushes me,
believing in the impossible, your belief,
what allows me to fall asleep every night.

And in the end, as always, there was your smile, that lasts forever.

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