Pause! — Blog ’n‘ Stories

Today is the day, the day priorities will be set.
Not because I have to, but because I can.

Today is the day I say “THANK YOU” to those who have persecuted, criticized, loved and commented on my stories and poetry.

Thank you, dear readers who came here for this very reason: to read.
Thank you,  to my very best friends who have regularly supported me with their corrections, that helped me to improve.
Thank you, to all the lovely people who came here for me as a person: my family, friends, and colleagues.
Everyone who came here because they like me. Thank you!

There are two very big challenges coming up, and they need a lot of attention. will be our platform today and in the future.
A place for painted and written art, from us, for you.
Furthermore, we will keep presenting new art-works on a regular basis.
As soon as our big projects reached a certain point, their “form”, new “blog ’n‘ stories will surely follow as well.
Remember, you can still find us on Instagram: @jj_buettner

For right now, there are just a few things left to say:
We move on, and it would be just wonderful if YOU would move with us.

See you soon on,

Your Jenny

Pause – Blog ’n‘ Stories

heute ist der Tag, der Tag, an dem Prioritäten gesetzt werden.
Nicht weil ich muss, sondern weil ich kann.

Heute ist der Tag, an dem ich „DANKE“ sage, für alle, die meine Geschichten und Gedichte verfolgt haben, kritisiert, geliebt und kommentiert haben.

Danke, an alle Leser, die genau aus diesem Grund hier sind: um zu Lesen.
Danke, an meine, die allerbesten Freunde, die mich regelmäßig durch ihre Korrekturen unterstützt haben. Die mir dadurch geholfen haben, besser zu werden.
Danke, an alle lieben Menschen die mich kennen: meine Familie, Freunde und Kollegen.
Alle, die hierherkamen, weil sie mich gernhaben. Danke!

Es stehen zwei große Herausforderungen an, die sehr viel Aufmerksamkeit brauchen. wird heute und in Zukunft unsere Plattform sein.
Ein Ort für gemalte und geschriebene Kunst, von uns, für Euch.
Weiterhin werden wir regelmäßig neue Kunstwerke präsentieren.
Sobald unsere großen Projekte ihre „Form“ erhalten haben, werden sicher auch neue „Blog ’n‘ Stories“ folgen.
Ebenso findet Ihr uns weiterhin auf Instagram: @jj_buettner

Für heute bleibt nur zu sagen:
Wir gehen weiter, und es wäre einfach wunderbar, wenn IHR mit uns geht.

Bis bald auf,

Eure Jenny

My center

I am my center, my priority, and my anchor.
I say it loud because that’s what counts.
Spend with me every day, there is no break.

I see my face the mirror and have no choice. Everything
I’ll ever find there, that’s right, that’s me.
I can replace the mirror, I can clean it.
No matter what I do, as soon as I look in again, I see only one thing: me.

Get up every morning, grateful for the day that I know well, is not granted. I am always myself. No matter where I go, who I talk to. May surround me with ugly souls or with beautiful ones. My soul, this one, belongs to me.

Every night, I close my eyes, whatever the day brought me,
do not spend too much time on what the night holds for me.
Isn’t it true that in this universe there are more things that I cannot influence than those that fit my desires?

My focus, that’s me.
I am an egoist, believe me, but I am a nice one, too.  In the first place, it has to be me, there is no other possibility.
I can work on who I want to be and how my own rating turns out.
Only then, because that’s really early enough, I reach out to help those I love. To love. To sacrifice myself for those who belong to me.
I’m able to decide that, now strong enough, my own anchor, that’s me.

Im Mittelpunkt

Ich bin mein Mittelpunkt, meine Priorität und mein Anker.
Sage es gerne laut, denn ich bin das, was zählt.
Verbringe jeden Tag mit mir selbst, eine Pause gibt es nicht.

Sehe in den Spiegel und habe keine Wahl. Alles, was
ich dort je finden werde, genau das bin ich.
Den Spiegel kann ich austauschen, kann ihn putzen.
Egal, was ich tue, sobald ich wieder hineinsehe, sehe ich nur eines: mich.

Stehe jeden Morgen auf, dankbar für den Tag, von dem ich sehr wohl weiß,
er ist nicht selbstverständlich. Ich bin immer ich.
Egal, wohin ich gehe, mit wem ich rede. Kann mich mit hässlichen Seelen umgeben oder mit wunderschönen. Meine Seele, diese eine, gehört mir.

Jede Nacht schließe ich meine Augen, was auch immer der Tag mir brachte,
verbringe nicht zu viel Zeit damit, was die Nacht für mich bereithält.
Denn ist es nicht so, dass es in diesem Universum mehr Dinge gibt, die ich nicht beeinflussen kann, als solche, die sich meinen Wünschen fügen?

Mein Mittelpunkt, das bin ich.
Ich bin ein Egoist, glaub mir, ich bin ein ganz Netter.
An erster Stelle muss ich stehen, eine andere Möglichkeit gibt es nicht.
Kann daran arbeiten, wer ich sein möchte und wie meine eigene Wertung ausfällt.
Erst dann, denn das ist wahrlich früh genug, strecke ich meine Hand aus, um denen zu helfen, die ich liebe. Um zu lieben. Um mich zu opfern für jene, die zu mir gehören.
Bin in der Lage das zu entscheiden, jetzt stark genug, mein eigener Anker, der bin ich.


„Why are they all afraid of me, when misfortune happens during their working hours just as much, if not more?“ The night asked the day while they sat on a cloud for a sunrise.
„That’s just your own impression. How many times do we have to discuss this subject? “
The day replied annoyed and shifted in his seat. He had to get to work soon, the night knew that. However, in their infinite relationship, the day was more than aware: the night would not rest until the topic was discussed again.
That’s why he said quietly, with a smile on his face:
„Why do you not just get it out my darling, tell it from your soul.“

The night said, without hesitation:
„It’s especially the people who are afraid of me. I bring them so much good: wonderful sleep, rest, plants that grow and feed them. I also offer protection to them, in my darkness. Yet, they only see the danger that evil people have created. That’s so frustrating!
I could be upset about that for centuries. “

„That’s exactly what you are my love, you have been doing that for centuries and what has it brought us?“ The day asked and stroked the night gently over her shoulder, on which her black hair fell down in light waves.
„I know, I know. These people. They are all the same. It’s not worth to get off on that.
You have to go, my love, „she finished the conversation for now and kissed the day very gently. As her lips parted, the sun came up in the sky. The day had started for work.

The day passed and after their next farewell, the sunset, the time of work for the night had come. It was dark, surrounding everything, wrapped in a beautiful black coat. Black was exactly her style. The night smiled, pleased with her work. Suddenly the thoughts came back, those who said that no one liked her, everybody was just scared of her and she became sad.

„Good night, Luke“,
„Good night mom. I love you, „said the little one, who was well covered by his mother before she kissed his forehead and cheeks.
„Sweet dreams, baby“

The night was happy. She wanted to remember such scenes when she felt unloved: the good night kiss. Smiling, she made her way to the cloud to tell the day of her night and kiss him until sunrise because it’s the kisses that really count.